Langkawi memories

Langkawi -compared to Koh Lanta- is more developed, roads are better, the main difference is marked by the religion: I could see mosques everywhere, as well as kebab places. Note, kebab is not as we know it in Europe…

I booked a place (the cheapest I could find: Kuala Melaka Inn, a twin room) near the airport. I read that Cenang Beach is located South West, as the airport. In my research I didn’t see that Cenang Beach is only 2km long and located much Souther (about 10 minutes driving) than the hotel. So the location we got is quite bad, actually. No problem, I rented a scooter from a hotel 1 km away North, in a village with not many facilities. Interesting -comparing to Thailand- I had to fill no form. The staff at the hotel asked just my international driving license -which they copied- and I paid 40 RM cash. No receed. After a phone call, a guy arrived within 5 minutes on the scooter, followed by a fellow. He gave me the keys, 2 helmets and his visit card. He told me to call him if I needed to extend, he would make a better price than the one from the hotel: 40 RM. I told him that that’s the price I got from the hotel, so we agreed on 30 RM. Always bargain! :)

As we had a room in the middle of nowhere, I was forced to find options in order to have some fun (walking 1 hour to the beach, on car roads without pavement is not fun). We already scouted the entire island by scooter. I have the impression that there is not that much to see, besides a few attractions, but it was quite fun to ride a bike again. I like the metallic noise of the engine. Old but good scooter, 125 cc.


  • Oriental Village, cable car to the panorama view
  • Seven Wells (water falls and to the top, after the so called 600 steps, where the water falls are generated. Nice to have a bath there)
  • Night markets to enjoy some street and food

Cenang Beach:

  • good for shopping
  • good food, in particular we found an Indian hawker stall/restaurant at the beginning, North Cenang Beach. I love roti canai and tandoori chicken!

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