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Switzerland: build up resistance to Bali belly

If you don’t know what Bali belly is, check: Bali Belly – What it is and How to Avoid it and see also TripAdvisor: Bali Belly, what is it?

The first time we visited Bali in 2014, we didn’t even know about Bali belly and we didn’t have any problem. We were in Malaysia first, though, and in Malaysia a vomited my soul (and emptied my guts in liquid format) after getting a dodgy drink in the street (I will never buy a drink from the street again).

Anyway, long story short, many forum posts suggest to drink Yakult in Bali and already 1 month before your trip to Bali.

In Switzerland you can buy Yakult at Coop, check Probiotic drinks (including Yakult) at Coop.

You can find also Probiotic at Migros.