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Drink coffee in a sustainable way

This blog is not only about traveling. Well, unless you have an open mind and you let your thoughts travel around, also when you actually are at home…

So, I wanna share with you my ideas for a better world, thus I have to share this fantastic idea of a coffee machine based not on pads, or recyclable capsules. No, this is so much better: a coffee machine where you insert the pure and fresh coffee beans. The machine will do the coffee directly from those.

The project was successfully founded on kickstarter. See World’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine

The company/start up producing this coffee machine is called Bonaverde and is based in Germany.

If you wanna support them, or secure your coffee machine already, check the Bonaverde project on indiegogo.

As the project was just founded a few days ago, the coffee machine production has just started and you’ll need to wait a few months, before it will be available to the market, but I guess it’s worth to wait for it, if you like the idea.